White bumps on Penis Head

Pimple like white bumps seen anywhere on the body are considered normal and everybody having gone through at least one phase of pimples in their life consider such things very normal. However, if these same white bumps are seen on penis or testicle then they become reason behind major anxiety and fretfulness. It is common knowledge that pimples are basically clogged skin pores and can happen anywhere on the body. If white bumps on penis head are seen most of the time they are common pimples that disappear on their own and are no major reason for worries.

Normally pimples like white bumps on penis head occur in the start of adolescence for men and disappear with age. However, for some people they my start in later years as well. They are known as pearly penile papules, and are not pimples basically but are tinny glands. They are not hurtful and should not be squeezed or handled in any rough manner. Proper hygiene is remedy enough for papules on the penis head. However, there are some other types of diseases as well that would justify the presence of small white bumps on penis. While pimples or penile papules are not harmful there may be some other types of bumps that could be contagious or injurious in any other manner. It is best to be able distinguish and identify such maladies and cure them on time.

Small white bumps on penis can be a form of ulcer as well. There appearance of like that of a crater and they depict the loss of thickness of the upper skin. The whiteness on the top of these bumps would be some clear liquid or pus and ulcer normally have a hard crust on them. The causes behind ulcers can be infections, virus, genital herpes or some type of skin cancer also. Penile Papules as discussed above are just one type of papules. They have many other types as well, which can appear as white bumps like structures on penis. One is Molluscum contagiosum, which is caused by a virus and re pinkish white in color. Another is Fordyce spots that are purple or red colored papules. They are painless but itchy and appear in groups. Last is genital warts, which are very common and have to be consulted with a doctor to proper cure.

Plaques are also a skin disease that can occur on penis head and shaft. They are flat topped elevated lesions that are quite big in size. They are harmful in themselves but can lead to serious infections like balantis xerotica obliterans, lichens sclerosis, and Erythroplasia which can end up in cancer of the penis. Erythroplasia can be distinguished tongue ulcer by its appearance of plaque like pustule, red in color and has a velvety surface. As it is the primary stage of penile cancer, immediate medical help should be summoned. Lichen sclerosis has white colored plaques and balantis xerotica obliterans, which is a worse form of the latter, occurs in the foreskin and the plaque now becomes firmer than before.